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Wildside Sanctuary - Eco Couples Retreat - Hawkesbury - Blue Mountains

Our Wildlife Sanctuary

At Wildside Sanctuary, we see ourselves as custodians of this precious land we share. This is an ancient environment that has evolved and responded to changes through the aeons of time. Our region includes plants that have existed since the age of the dinosaurs, and unique wildlife that are perfectly adapted to live here. European settlement created an imbalance that led to many animals losing their place in this landscape. Our mission is to redress that imbalance.
Wildside Sanctuary - Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains - Gang Gang Cockatoo

About Us

We are working collaboratively with other conservation groups locally and across Australia to restore the wildscape to how it is used to be.

Repairing habitat and re-introducing endangered species into protected zones for them to recolonise. Preserving wildlife corridors that allow their safe movement across the landscape.

Our focus is long term. Recognising that climate variability will continue to threaten them, we are fostering diversity and resilience into these populations, so they have the best chance of surviving and thriving into the future.


Sarah is an experienced veterinarian, and both Sarah and John are registered wildlife rehabilitators. They are also members of:

Wildside Sanctuary spans 15 acres of undulating land bordering Wollemi National Park. The property is comprised of well-established eucalypt and turpentine woodland, with Angophora, Xanthorrhoea and banksias on exposed slopes. The land grades steeply into Cora Creek, which houses waterfalls and gullies lined with native ferns.

Wildside Wildlife Sanctuary - Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains - Nature Walks
Wildside Wildlife Sanctuary - Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains

Our Wildlife

A wide range of wildlife has been spotted at Wildside Santuary, plus abundant birdlife:

One can measure the greatness and the moral progress of a nation by looking at how it treats its animals.