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Is that a frog in my garden?

If you’ve recently heard a distressed bleating noise, you might be close to a screaming tree frog. Here in Bilpin, we’re not just blessed with run-of the-mill croakers; we’ve got an entire amphibian orchestra—whistling tree dwellers, ground enthusiasts and burrowing maestros.

There’s the constant chirp of the common eastern froglet, the laugh of Perons tree frog, and our very own Blue Mountains tree frog, with its distinctive creaky croak.

Lucky gardeners may encounter an endangered giant burrowing frog (often mistaken for a cane toad) or the spectacular red crowned toad let (not actually a toad).

Frogs can be hard to spot, but chances are you’ve seen their eggs. They may form a large floating foam or be laid more discretely under leaves and attached to sticks.

Some frogs lay eggs on the ground in the hope that rain will create a temporary pond. Tadpoles are vegetarian and breathe through gills, but following an incredible metamorphosis, develop into frogs with lungs.

Adult frogs are usually carnivorous, eating insect larvae in the water and adult mosquitoes, before in turn becoming a rich food source for birds, snakes and other reptiles.

This year’s theme for World Wildlife Day is Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation, and Australia’s world leading FrogID app has proven hugely popular. You can use the app to record local frogs which are then identified by the expert team at the Australian Museum.

Frogs are the “canaries in the coal mine” of our waterways, and repeated submissions allow biologists to monitor population changes over time.

You can make your garden frog friendly by avoiding pesticides, having a permanent pond, and retaining leaf litter for them to hide in. After such a wet summer, there’s never been a better time to get to know your local frogs!


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