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Wildside Sanctuary - Eco Couples Retreat - Hawkesbury - Blue Mountains


Our property is criss-crossed by clearly marked trails which you are welcome to explore. Wollemi National Park is right at our northern boundary and the start of the trail into the park is clearly marked on a large gumtree. You can follow the cleared fire trail to see a spectacular view of the Wollemi wilderness. This is a short walk and is less than 1 km. However, always wear appropriate clothing and footwear, take a phone and a water bottle, just in case. Use the map provided in the house manual to navigate your way around Wildside Sanctuary.

Wildside Sanctuary - Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains - End of the Earth lookout

End of the Earth Lookout

Our favourite is the End of the Earth lookout. You can reach the lookout on foot, bike or even a car. Either way the sunset over the Wollemi wilderness is quite spectacular. The trail starts from Sams Way (right near the lagoon birdwatching spot) and the entrance has clearly marked NPWS sign Walking Tracks, Tootie Creek - Colo Meroo.

Wildside Sanctuary - Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains - Cabbage Tree Creek Walk

Cabbage Tree Creek Walk

This walk is for the more adventurous! A very pretty walk and will take you to a hidden waterfall. You also start from the T3 firetrail. It is a there and back hike – mostly downhill on the way there. Take your time on the way back. You will be walking through koala country - see if you can spot one! They are masters of disguise. Allow up to 3 hours for the return hike.

Wildside Sanctuary - Blue Mountains Cottage - Bikes

Bike Tours

We have 2 mountain bikes for you to use during your stay. Cycling is a great way to really discover a new place. Please use the helmets provided. There is no charge to use the bikes. A cycle around Sams Way is really beautiful at any time of the year and is a great way to see the lagoon from various angles. Have a rest on the seats overlooking the lagoon and do some bird spotting. The surrounding properties are very picturesque. You will also get to see ‘Straya House, exhibit 27 from the Museum of Failures, the Mountain Lagoon Folly!